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Vetted's Demo Program

Explore the latest technology in Surveillance and License Plate Recognition.

Vetted Security Solutions

Since 2012, Vetted Security Solutions has been a leading security integration provider of enterprise system technology solutions, including custom design, installation, development, and support services for law enforcement agencies, commercial property groups, municipalities, and campus environments. Our core technology includes Fixed, Mobile, and Trailer ALPR systems that provide critical roadside intelligence to keep officers and communities safe. Vetted now offers the opportunity to test our latest ALPR technology in the field, enabling you to take your safety and surveillance programs to the next level.

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How it Works

Take our ALPR solutions for a test drive.

Choose from Vetted’s robust suite of safety and surveillance products to use in your community for two weeks. Vetted will assist with setup and educating designated users on the equipment and software.

Capture more data that matters.

Experience first-hand how LEARN, Vigilant's investigative platform, combines analytics and data to generate investigative leads from the captured plates and vehicle intelligence.


Vetted's ALPR Solutions

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Portable Trailer Systems

Designed to deliver roadside vehicle intelligence where you need it. Vetted’s trailer systems include Mobile Surveillance, ALPR message trailers, and ALPR Speed trailers.

  • Quick deployment
  • Remote monitoring and controls
  • 5-14 day run times
  • Solar-based charging 

Fixed Camera Systems

Built for rapid installation by a single officer, our fixed ALPR systems powered by solar (quick deploy) or constant 120VAC (fixed) are ready to take your scanning and analytics to the next level.

  • Quick deploy/rapid install (up to 80 mph)
  • Fixed system/pole mount (up to 150 mph)
  • Flexible power options
  • Rugged construction

Mobile Camera Kits

Created for officer safety and productivity on the road, Vetted Mobile Kits make it simple to employ our advanced ALPR technology in any vehicle.

  • 2-4 cameras
  • Tablet or MDT processor options
  • Temporary or permanent mounts
  • Mobile ALPR companion app

Contact Us Today to Experience the Vetted Advantage

Choose a product and be sure to ask your sales representative how you can benefit from industry-leading video analytics like, LEARN (Law Enforcement Archival Reporting Network), which transforms massive amounts of data into actionable intelligence.

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